Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well I've been redesigning a new website for the family pictures and I decided to go with Turbogears, after added a few javascript files I thought about combining and compressing then, you know to be a good Inet citizen and lower my bandwidth. So I took a quick peek at combine.php
to see what exactly was going on and in a few minutes I had a quick mashup combining my scripts. Then I figured would make a good JS compressor since it is pretty safe for on the fly compression. I've used for a while as a commandline app with little problems. The only thing left was css, I hacked that together with some regex. Then after figuring out the caching issues I had a nice little so I figured I'd try and create my first TG widget and thanks to python dist utils that was a breeze so anyone looking to combine scripts on TG you can now grab TGCombine off the Cogbin

Have Fun :~}

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