Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TGCombine Updated 1.0.4

Well I finally got around to merging TGCombine with a python port of Dean Edwards packer I stumbled on. I had to disable some options in the script but overall it seems to play nice at least with the scripts I tested with.

I ran combined scripts, containing RSH (really simple history), AJS and my own scripts. The packing and serving seemed fast enough and the file are still cached so production should be fine.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well I've been redesigning a new website for the family pictures and I decided to go with Turbogears, after added a few javascript files I thought about combining and compressing then, you know to be a good Inet citizen and lower my bandwidth. So I took a quick peek at combine.php
to see what exactly was going on and in a few minutes I had a quick mashup combining my scripts. Then I figured jsmin.py would make a good JS compressor since it is pretty safe for on the fly compression. I've used for a while as a commandline app with little problems. The only thing left was css, I hacked that together with some regex. Then after figuring out the caching issues I had a nice little combine.py so I figured I'd try and create my first TG widget and thanks to python dist utils that was a breeze so anyone looking to combine scripts on TG you can now grab TGCombine off the Cogbin

Have Fun :~}

Ubuntu Service Command

We'll RedHat users looking to take the Ubuntu plunge may miss the good ol' service command, I know I liked it and I recently found a Debian shell script written by "Written by John Hasler, 2004" that did the same thing so I threw in some sudo's and off you go start/start/restart ing.

Download here: Ubuntu Service

Rename it from .txt put in your you bin directory and you good to go.

Have Fun :~}